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One Child Nation

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Alison Douglas
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One Child Nation

After watching One Child Nation, I was completely shocked by what the Chinese government had done to its citizens.  I had heard of Chinese families only allowed to have one child but didn’t know all of the gruesome details.  It sickened me to know how they would abandon babies and leave them to die, and these poor women how they were forced to abort and be sterilized.  I could not imagine the pain this caused so many.  Also, how the government would come in and tear their roof off if they didn't follow the policy.  This all seems absolutely brutal.  It amazing how the government basically brain washed all the people by the propaganda that was in place, and that they felt this was for the good of the country.  Everyone who was involved in family planning just felt there was no other option and had to just do their job.  How was the Chinese government able to kill all those babies without anyone stepping in?  It really shows how powerful China really is, and that they are basically able to do whatever they want and not be stopped.  I’m grateful to see that so many babies were adopted and have at a chance to live their lives.  Hopefully, as the children age that they understand what was being done and are able to be reunited with family members back in China.  Being that this policy has ended very recently, I’m curious to see how this will affect their society in the long run.  It has already been mentioned that there are not enough people to care for the aging population.  I would think something like this would have a lasting impact for many years to come.


Esther Dupree
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One Child Nation

Thank you for reviewing this.  I am adding this to my list to watch soon.  I think I was aware on some level of many atrocities in China, but this course has really opened my eyes to how the world is so ready to gloss over the atrocities commited there because leaders don't want conflict and they want a strong economy.  The question always comes--what can I do to make an impact on the world and help others stand up to this kind of abuse?

Films like this help me to feel more informed, but also more helpless.  I appreciate that this course encourages us to create a long range solution of educating our students so that they can take this information as they are building the world in a shape for their generation.  The more we teach others about it, the more people can vote and act in a way that supports people who are being treated and governed so immorally.  I understand there is also the stance we need to have of, not being overly zealous and trying to put our values on someone else's culture.  But examples like these seem to be very obvious to me about what is right and what is wrong.  It's sad that our students will also have to learn this cognitive dissonance that well-informed adults have to grapple with regularly.