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"Old Partner", from the Korean Film Institute

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"Old Partner", from the Korean Film Institute

"Old Partner" a documentary / film by Chung-Ryoul Lee
Korean Film Institute (KFI)
The pensive but endearing story of an ancient Ox 40 yrs old and his human family he labored his entire animal life for. Set in South Korea, the old way of farming life is portrayed against the modern background of the 21st century while the old slow Ox draws the cart down paved highway where cars pass closely. While Korean this documentary gives an amazing glimpse into the past of any Asian countryside where all farming was done with animal and human laboring together and the symbiotic relationship which develops between farmers and animals in any part of the world.
As I watched "Old Partner" I imagined scenes from Pearl S Buck's The Good Earth, the Chinese Peasant and the Japanese Peasant from history would not have been much different from the Korean peasants portrayed in this film.
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