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Ode to my Father

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Juana Evink
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Ode to my Father

 The film "Ode to my father," is amazing story of perseverance, determination, family, war, and reunification. This movie could be use in a High School class, either English or History. The story of Duk-Soo begins with the Chinese invasion of a Korean port. He and his family are racing to get on a ship that will carry them to a safer place, but tragedy strucks when he is separeated from his sister and father. Before his father disappears, he made Duk-Soo promise he will be the head of the family, it was a promise he kept for the rest of his life. There are many scenes in the movie that contain historical content as well as a glimpse on to Korean life during the 60's, 70's and 80's. I cried while watching some scenes in this movie, the actor's portrayal is magnificent, the story is relatable, and the historical events are accurate. Students could use this film as a secondary source to write a report or create a PowerPoint presentation, combined with primary sources and images. When we study historical events, it's hard to picture the actual people who lived through this events, their pain and sufffering during a war. This movie portrayes  the devastting consequences a war can have like families being torn apart, but also the good that is inside people. In a scene a soldier begs thte commander to led the Korean refugees on board,he does, later during the Vietnam War, Duk-Soo risks his life to safe a young girl, who felt in the water. There are many possibilities for educators to use this film to teach their students.For example, about the Korean War, the Vietnam War, family reunification, sacrifice, and perseverance. I truly loved this movie and the message it contains, a son's love for his father that led him to renounce to his own dreams in order to fullfill the Ode made to his father.