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Nuclear Nation 2013

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Nuclear Nation 2013

I too watched Nuclear Nation (2013) last night, this documentary was primarily about the town of Futuba which sprung up in the late 70's and flourished through the 80's on the Nuclear Money from the Fukashima Plant.
Notable scenes (1) People returning to their homes standing or not 1 year after the disaster. The Japanese government asks survivors to apply for a permit in order to return to the isolated area, once permitted residents had to garb up in tons of plastic clothing, wear radiation monitors around their necks, and double plastic bag any items they bring back out of the "zone".
(2) The cattle farmer who did not evacuate after the melt down, all his cattle and himself were exposed to radiation. He was so attached to his animals he decided to stay and care for them. I assume the Japanese Govt. wanted nothing to do do with those radiated cattle, basically let the farmer live it out with the cattle wandering all over the abandoned area to feed. Sadly at the end of the film all the cattle had died from starvation.
There is a direct parallel between Hurricane Katrina and the Fukashima Disaster in terms of the evacuation centers portrayed, of course the Japanese evacuation procedures and emergency housing centers looked far more civilized and organized in this film than what I remember of Katrina rescue and emergency efforts which I think became a disaster in itself.
This film defines the risks of nuclear energy perfectly and could be used with high school students within history, political science, or economics studies to explore the benefits and risks of alternative to CO2 producing energies. As well comparing and contrasting Katrina with Fukashima in terms of response by the American government vs. response by the Japanese government and/or cultural differences in acceptance of disasters would be another interesting high school lesson.