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My Sassy Girl Film Review

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My Sassy Girl Film Review

Based on several recommendations I watched a lovely movie called My Sassy Girl. The basic plot line of the movie is a not so sweet, love story. The man in the story saves a girl’s life on the train platform who is very drunk. He grabs her back before she falls onto the tracks. During the ride she is very mean to a few people and then throws up on one of the passengers. He ends up carrying her on his back all the way to a hotel. He gets her in bed and tries to take a shower when he is arrested. She comes to get him. She is a very troubled and violent girl, as he soon finds out. Numerous times he tries to get away but she continually pulls him back in. Some of the things she does is gets him involved in drinking games, sports that he is horrible at. She repeatedly hits him in the head with a racquetball as she gets him to play. During a type of martial arts that uses poles, she beats him. She can convince him to do all kinds of things. Change shoes with her, get arrested, even get beat up. She continues to get drunk and pass out. He continues to take care of her. He then realizes he loves her. She is damaged however, and he knows there is something desperately wrong with her. One day they hike up to a tall mountain and she convinces him to climb a tall mountain across from her to see if he can hear her. Of course he can’t, but she yells she is sorry as tears pour down her face. They both write a letter and bury it beneath a tree on the mountain and agree to meet there again in two years to read them. She was leaving to get healthy and heal in England. After two years he comes back. She never does, he reads her letter and finds out she has lost someone to death that she loved deeply. He is heartbroken. A couple of years later he is meeting his aunt and she was there because the boy she loved had been his cousin and he had never known. They grabbed hands knowing they were meant to be. Great movie, highly recommended. Lots of laughter, and tears.