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My Sassy Girl

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Kurt Hansen
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My Sassy Girl

“My Sassy Girl” is the story of a boy who meets a drunk girl on the subway and through circumstances ends up taking care of her. I randomly searched Korean movies and I remembered “My Sassy Girl” from one of our lectures. Its a romantic comedy that is wildly far fetched, but fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely was intrigued and kept wondering what would happen next. We eventually find out she drinks because the love of her life died. Our hero takes care of her and they develop feelings for each other. They never get together until the very end when her dead boyfriend's mother sets her up with him. Coincidence? Yes. Highly unlikely? Yes. Sweet? Yeah. I was in the dark for most of the film. I always try to figure things out and when I can’t, I really like it. It was surprising, unusual, funny and a very enjoyable film.