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My Girl and I

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My Girl and I

My Girl and I Film Review I have fallen in love Korean love films. I chose a movie called “My girl and I.” This was a remake of a Japanese film, so I thought what could be better!! When I picked it I thought it was just going to be a sweet love story. It was that, but it also was so incredibly sad. I cried through the whole second half. My husband had agreed to watch it with me and he ended walking away before it was over, shaking his head in frustration. The story begins with a teenage boy being rescued from drowning from a girl. He never finds out who it is. In school, the same girl, stares at him in class and they begin to have a sweet innocent friendship and then dating. His grandfather is a funeral preparer. One day he tells his love story of the woman he loved, before his deceased wife. His grandson realizes that he has never stopped loving her. He takes his girlfriend to an island to visit and she ends up collapsing while letting flower seeds go in the wind. She gets put in the hospital and finds out she has leukemia. They communicate with each other by leaving messages on her pager number. She gets progressively worse and there is nothing that can be done. He tries to take her one more time to the island, but a typhoon prevents them from getting on the ferry and she dies in the station leaning up against him. When he goes back to the island each year, he sees the flowers where she stood. There is so much more to this movie. I saw traditional burial clothes, heard mention of Korean poetry and saw a few other Korean traditions I have learned about. I recommend this movie, but get ready to cry