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My Annoying Brother

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Linda Gonzales Diaz
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My Annoying Brother

I went to a screening of My Annoying Brother at the Korean Cultural Center.  The movie is a dramatic comedy starring Jo Jung Suk (Go Doo Sik)and EXO's D.O.(Go Doo Sik) with English subtitles.

who have been estranged for a while. The younger brother (Go Doo Young) is a Judo champion who loses his sight during a match. The older brother (Go Doo Sik) seizes this opportunity to get paroled from prison to 'take care of his ailing brother'. However, when he comes home, he is more intersted in conning his brother out of money than in actually helping him. As the movie progresses a mutual respect builds between and eventually that brotherly bond slowly begins to repair. There are ups and downs in their relationship and the older brother eventually has a change of heart and helps his brother. 

I think this is a great opportunity to introduce students into the different culture of Korea and how it differs from their own.  The homes are different. The way of life is more minimalistic as opposed to american homes.  The food is different, the way it is cooked is different. I think that as an educator I would not show the entire film straight through, instead I would pick and choose moments and clips from the film to showcase to my class. For example, the scene where the older brother begins to make small changes to the home to help the brother walk and navigate throughout the house more easily. Also, there is a scene where someone delivers food to the home and it is clearly different to what we are used to. I think this movie lends itself to a lot of compare and contrast situations where they can observe the differences between their own society and that of another one. I think this helps stretch students' knowledge and understanding of the world beyond them and in turn helps teach tolerance of other cultures. Plus, it is a feel good movie and very entertaining.