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Mr. Deng goes to Washington

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Mr. Deng goes to Washington

I attended the opening of the film by director Fu Hongxing. The movie takes place in the US in 1979 when Carter is president. It goes over the nine day visit highlighting interviews with Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski and news reels form the visit. The film was a documentary, but surprisingly there were parts of the film that were not exciting..animated like cartoons..LOL The cartoons were of the president of China and events involving him interspersed through out the film. As I watched the movie showing the American protests against the Chinese president, I kept on seeing in my head the comparisons to the Iran nuclear deal. Basically Americans who sided with Taiwan were denouncing any agreement with the evil government of China who had terrible human rights abuses against dissidents and had a communistic government. The fact that we further cultivated our relationship with China given the human rights abuses, gives support to diplomacy versus military actions. Nixon, Carter, Kissinger and Brzinezinski were effective leaders and overcame opposition to the warming up of the relationship with China.

After the film, the director took questions from the audience. One question came from a Lyndon La Rouche supporter??? i did not know they still exist! The film has been wildly popular in China and had little problems with censorship as it portrays a positive image of the president of China. The film was independently funded and was not directed by the government. Sitting next to me was an older gentleman who I heard being interviewed and I heard he had lived that era. I was very curious to know who the gentleman was.

This film could be used with any older age group that studies this period of time. No nudity or violence..