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Movie Review

For my movie review I watched the movie, “The Concubine”, wow this was a great movie because it is a movie that explains all in the end, and I love those movie that keep you going until the ending and then one realizes ho w great of a movie it is. I thought that this movie depicted great violence as some of the scenes just seemed so gory like many parts that portrayed the castration of men. And a scene where they actually show a man castrated, and what it may look like. Of course in the movie this scene was a humiliating one for the actor, not the acting itself, but in the sense of the, movie, as the “King”, wants to see his privates, and yanks at his trousers/robe to depict that fact that this man is castrated. Then there is another scene where there is a beheading and then the head and the head is rolled on the ground, and then a person comes and pops the eyes out of the head. I know this scene is gory but it had a place in the storyline. Then there are two scenes where the men are stabbed in the jugular vein, thus killing them, but the surprise of this actions is a surprise to the viewer as it /they are not expected. This movie shows how life was lived back in the day, and how all of the people listened and obeyed their master, actually their King, and if they did not do as they were told or requested to do they would pay severely, with some sort of punishment, usually by castrations or beheadings, which usually led to death. This film shows how power is the ultimate goal, and what people do for power, this explains why so much violence and corruption exists nowadays. In review of the criteria for the movie review, I got confused. The summary should be on how I can use this in the classroom. Although it is a rated R movie, because of the sexual content in the movie, I certainly cannot show this movie to my students, but I can definitely use it to show them, obedience to people of authority, respect for the elders, as well as respect for their mother, and other family members. I can show them that if they do wrong things they can and will be punished. That all wrong doings come with consequences. I can show them that respect is the ultimate when dealing with other people. I can show them that doing nice things can get reciprocated, and that being a good and nice person should be a top priority for them. To do things for the sake of just being a good natured person, and not just to gain something for themselves by ill will.