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Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

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Tara Corral
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Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (Netflix) 

Summary - Midnight Diner is a show on Netflix that focuses on the Master who owns a diner that opens from 12pm to 7am who serves all types of people. It follows a set of individuals and their stories as they unfold, with each story being tied back to the food that the Master will make for them. The Master always knows what to do, what to say or what not to say and when the days are good or the days are bad the focus is on how food can bring people together. 

I really enjoyed this show because it gives you small glimpses into everyday life of Tokyo citizens and what is acceptable and what is not in a manner. I think this show might be too adult to show my students as I do teach elementary but I think its a great inspiration for some lessons. With all the struggles that everyone has I feel like I can say that food is a unifier for a lot of people. I would like to create a lesson where the students create a drawing based on a dish that may have made them feel good when they were sad, mad or sick. Students can draw the food and give a quick instructional presentation on how to prepare their dish or what goes perfect with the food. 

Students can learn about others through a presentation as well as other foods. That would be the way I used this show for my class.