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Master Ip

Ip Man
Movie Review

My second attempt at reviewing a film was much more successful than my first. I did not know anything about the movie including that it was based on a true story or that Master Ip trained Bruce Lee. This movie was action packed and would be a movie that I could use with high school students. I also think the history element, along with Master Ip’s good character could be used in teaching many different subjects, including social learning for students with autism.
Master Ip was not a man of a lot of words, so his body language and facial expressions are important in recognizing what he is thinking and feeling. I could use different scenes for the students to try and figure out his thoughts and emotions. For example; what is Master Ip thinking when his nephew asks him to train his son? His body and expressions are telling way before he uses his voice to speak.
I can also envision opportunities for teaching in my English class. My class just finished reading The Maze Runner and students could write about the similarities between Master Ip and Thomas (main character in The Maze Runner). What are some qualities that Master Ip and Thomas share? Give examples to support your statement. I could also use the movie as a reference when we study Heroes, or as a point of reference for contrasting and comparing with other books and articles we have read. This is important for my special education students because they have not been exposed to different types of literature, and most of them will never read independently. Showing movies like Master Ip brings excitement to students and allows them to understand and connect to what is being taught in the classroom.