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Made in China (CCTV documentary series)

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Made in China (CCTV documentary series)

Chinese Central Television has produced a documentary series entitled Made in China: Past and Present. It's an interesting look at everyday products and the place they've occupied in Chinese lives. The entire series has been broadcast over CCTV 9, a channel that can be seen on many cable systems. The series is also available from CCTV's website.

This particular segment (25 minutes long) focuses on the games kids played, the toys they had, and the candy they ate. Sergeant Black Cat's popularity, White Rabbit candy's role in diplomacy and in the imagination of children is one topic explored, along with ping pong, and others.

The episode focuses on urban childhood. It neglects to discuss how few of these things were available to most Chinese children.

I can attest to the dominance of White Rabbit candies. They were among the treats I gave students to celebrate my wedding.

Students might like to review this and could create their own museum/web exhibit/powerpoint of the iconic toys, games, entertainment, and candies of earlier times in China, in the US, and elsewhere. Students will develop important skills through the hard research work and decisions about what to include and exclude.

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This is a great documentary series that I really appreciate being exposed to. The history behind these toys and candies is rich with educational potential. Just having the kids research and find how many kids did not have the "beautiful childhood" depicted in this documentary is an important discovery. Nonetheless, the documentary is beautiful to watch and evokes a great fantasy of childhood. Will definitely look at the entire series....