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Natali Ramon
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Last Letter

The film I saw was Last Letter directed by Shunji Iwai, staring Xun Zhou, Hao Qin, and Zifeng Zhang.  Something that I really appreciated about this film is that is deals with a lot of relevant and serious social issues but the film is acceptable to show in a high school (or even middle school) classroom.  Since is plays on a variety of social topics that are quite universal, not only would it be easy for students to connect to the story line but it also offers a lot of topics to draw from. In term of curriculum, this film does a wonderful job of generating dialogue on mental health, domestic violence, family relations, and most notably communication.  Letter writing is one of the central themes of the film and within the classroom it offers a great opportunity to teach students about letter writing as well as how writing on a physical piece of paper differs from the more instantaneous forms of communication our students engage in today.

Lindsay Reiss
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Whole Child Learning

I would be interested in watching this movie. At our school, we focus a lot on the "whole child" through not only academics but also social-emotional learning. It is important to have tools to teach this. Students really respond well to visual media and I think they would appreciate movie viewig time!