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Kung Fu Yoga Directed By Stanley Tong

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Marcos Rico
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Kung Fu Yoga Directed By Stanley Tong

           This is a Chinese action-comedy starred by Jackie Chan. This is a fun movie, it does contain a lot of CGI and is not historically accurate, but it is a comedy. There are several scenes in the movie that can be used to teach my students about Asia, mostly India and China.

           They briefly cover many items such a: Tibet, Yoga, Kung Fu, etc.  There is a scene where they are showing the tomb of the Terracota Army of Xian, it would be a great way to introduce my class to this subject. They even mention the "One Belt, One Road initiative" of China, a good way to introduce my students to China's current global development strategy. I would love to share this video with 4th graders, and go deeper into several of the items mentioned in the movie. If I am able to find a copy in Spanish, it could be used with my 1st graders for a basic introduction to China and India.

           This movie is about a group of archeologist using technology to help them in the search of a lost treasure, they are racing against time and an army of adversaries who are trying to beat them to the treasure. I enjoyed watching this movie with my whole family, and even my teenage sons enjoyed watching it.