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In my International Business class we cover a section titled, Governmental Influences on Trade. In this unit we discuss different types of governments (democratic, totalitarian, theocratic, etc.) A lesson in this unit may begin with a brief overview of each type of government, including the main characteristics that each one embodies. Considering I am teaching this class in the U.S., a “democracy”, I could use films and/or documentaries to give students a deeper look into what countries with different governments are like.
For example, to deepen their understanding of a Totalitarian government, teachers may consider viewing with their class, Kimjongilia. North Korea is marked by a long history of social repression, information control, and public health crises. This film gives its audience a clear understanding of daily life under Totalitarian control, even including stories from prison camp survivors. Although this reality may be difficult for some students to come to terms with, it is an important one for them to explore and understand. Especially considering the amount of media attention North Korea is currently receiving. Despite the harsh truth, a sense of hope and optimism permeates the film which makes it both an empowering and inspirational story.