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Kano Film Review

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Salbador Gonzalez
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Kano Film Review

Kano is a baseball movie telling the story of a Taiwanese high school baseball team trying to win the Japanese high school baseball tournament, Koshien. The baseball team consists of  a diverse amount of farmboys from Japan, Hans and Taiwanese taking  the commitment to play a sport they have never won a game on. An experienced yet retired coach is convinced to take the team, and he takes it upon himself to convince them they are to win the Koshien championship. The movie is 3 ho.urs long but most of it is in the baseball games during the Koshien Baseball tournament. It is supposed to take placed in the 1930s.

I would use this film as a way to compare the barriers many schools and team go through to accomplish their objective. I would have them compare the similarities and differences in  “Kano” and “The Sandlot”. Both movies have their own challenges and it would get students to see the similarities that other nations go through to play similar sports.