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Ju Dou Film- Color theory and Japanese clothing

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Courtney Hendrix
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Ju Dou Film- Color theory and Japanese clothing

In reviewing the entire film ‘Ju Dou’ that we were introduced to in our ‘Exploring East Asia Visual Arts’ seminar I decided that the storyline may be over the heads and partially inappropriate for my younger group of students since it is based around an abusive husband and woman having an affair as a result, but the clips showing the the fabric dying process in the color mill could tie in a few concepts in my art room. One idea could be doing color theory and how different colors can be mixed to create new ones (primary and secondary mainly but creating a broader spectrum can be added) and we could try to recreate similar ‘color baths’ that were seen in the film by using liquid watercolor and coffee filters to dye and mix our colors. Another concept that came to mind was the vibrant colors and traditions that come along with the Japanese clothing and looking at their styles of clothing vs other cultures. Also tying back in how cloth is dyed and clothing made with the clip could support the history of different clothing and colors used.