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Ip Man I: Sino-Japanese War

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Cindy Nguyen
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Ip Man I: Sino-Japanese War

Ip Man I is based on the life of a grand master martial artist living during the time of the Sino-Japanese War.  The movie takes place in southeastern China in the city of Foshan and depics the later half of Yip Man's life.  One of the reasons why this movie became so famous was because of Yip Man's most famous student, Bruce Lee.  Overall, I think parts of this movie is great to show students because it presents a different perspective of World War II then the normal European experience.  This movie actually shows the impact of the war on Asia with emphasis on China and its citizens. As an activity, I would show clips of this movie and Hitler in Colour/Japan in Colour and have students compare the differences in culture, lifestyle, treatment, and etc.  This assignment would provide students with multiple perspective of those who were directly or indirectly involved in the war.