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The Handmaiden

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Betsy Telle
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The Handmaiden

I did not know anything about this movie before I watched it, but I’m very glad I watched it. It was so good. There are several very big twists and turns in the movie that I did not see coming at all. The movie kept me on my toes the entire time. Sexuality is a major theme of the movie though and it would not be appropriate to show in school.


Architecture is almost a character in the beginning of the movie. Most of the movie takes place in Korea but on an estate with a house that was built in as a mix of both a traditional Japanese house and an English manor. There are many shots of traditional Japanese rooms, with their sliding panels, minimal furnishings, and floor mats. There are other shots showing the exterior of the house that flows from English style to Japanese style seamlessly. My favorite shot is a shot of the library which reminds me of Oxford that opens to a traditional Japanese theatre room of sorts. The shot shows servants lifting floor panels to reveal small rock gardens and koi ponds underneath the floor. I feel that there are stills or quick shots that could be used to illustrate Japanese architecture and style, as long as they were used without context of the movie.