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The Great Wall

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The Great Wall

The film, The Great Wall, was directed by Zhang Yimou and compromised of Asian and White actors.  It began with a group of mercenaries looking for gunpowder, but they were attacked and had to go into hiding.  While they were hiding, they were attacked again, leaving only two survivors.  These two then stumble upon the Great Wall and was taken prisoners.  The people who had taken them as prisoners saw the cut off part of the Tao Tieh and they feared that an attack was coming.  The Tao Tieh attacked, but with the use of the gunpowder the Chinese army was able to defeat them.  This film is a way to introduce the students to the creation of The Great Wall and its purposes, who, what, why, how, etc.  Students will then be given an opportunity to create/design a wall that can prevent an attack from happening, which is another way to integrate this learning with the new engineering standards in science.