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Grave of the Fireflies

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Molly Cowan-Johnson
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Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies could be used primarily as an exercise in historical empathy in a history course. The story of two children basically killed by WWII in Japan, shows a perspective that is not commonly illustrated in media. The opening scene when the boy is dying in the train station, and no one cares. How often do movies focus on the forgotten people in society? Analyzing the trajectory of the characters could be valuable as well. At the beginning of the story, it is a family in good social standing, children of a naval officer with a house and mother who has jewelry and fancy kimonos, but it is quickly taken away from them when an air raid hits. Teaching American students today looking at a variety of historical perspectives is important. This film would be important not only for incorporating a Japanese perspective but also a different perspective of the war because they are kids. I also think it is important because most Americans alive today have no idea what the cost of war really is and this film illustrates that cost well.