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Getting Home/ 落叶归根

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Shurong Tu
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Getting Home/ 落叶归根

Getting home/ 落叶归根

Getting home/ 落叶归根 (Fallen leaves return to its root) is a great movie which was conducted by a real story and all the deeds of the main actor in this movie are just because of a promise to the dead person, I recommend to everyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture.

First, the name of movie attracts me very much and push me to watch it to know what 落叶归根 (Fallen leaves return to its root) means in the movie- get the dead body to his hometown. I know this tradition thoughts at least are particularly important to Chinese elderly people.

Second, there are many fantastic actors in this movie like Zhao Ben Shan, Song Dan Dan, Guo De Gang, Wu Ma etc. Their accurate interpretations and excellent acting skills made this movie excellent.

Third, the real beginning of the movie catches my attention. What has happened to the person with Zhao Ben Shan? I asked myself. Is he drunk, dead, or…? the beginning of the movie to the end got my fully attention. Sometimes, I felt sad, sorrow. Sometimes I felt happy and funny because of black humor in this movie. The language and dialects relate to story location in this movie is also interesting.

good vehicles and poor vehicles, unfriendly people and friendly people, rich and poor people with different characters are demonstrated so well all the way to the end in this movie.

I hope you will like my recommendation!