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Flowers of War

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Flowers of War

The movie Flowers of War is a Hollywood type movie that tells the story of the Nanking atrocities but is seen through the eyes of the only white actor in the movie. I found this to be very disappointing. How could a movie of such heavy material be hijacked by an American point of view? The film is very Hollywood like in its special effects and visually stunning cinematography but deals with the conflict between the Chinese and Japanese. The Japanese are portrayed as evil and the Chinese as the victims. As we know war is horrible and there is different sides to the story but here we see only the side of the Chinese and the lone American who is the hero to save the Chinese girls. The sets in the movie are very good and the scenes play out like a well financed Hollywood feature. Zhang Yimou is the director of this movie but seems to have sold out to the power of Hollywood and box office potential. It ends as predicted with Christian Bale riding into the sunset as the hero. A beautifully shot movie but disappointing story about one of the most horrible times the world has experienced.