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Film Review-The Fall of the MIng

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Film Review-The Fall of the MIng

The Fall of the Ming, was directed by Jing Wang, release in China in October 25, 2013, it portrays the city of Keifeng being attacked in 1642.This movie is about the fall of the Ming dynasty. It concentrates on the life of the soldiers affected by an epidemic similar to the black death. The lord captain recruits Dr. Wu Youke to help stop the epidemic. Eventually he figures out that the disease is spread through the air, pathogens. In the mean time a lot of soldiers are dying everyday. The Lord Captain is trying to get money from the farm land owners. The imperial soldiers are poorly trained, fed, and have weapons that are in poor condition. ALthough, I will not be able to show this movie to my 8th grade U.S. history students, because it doesn't fit in the curriculum. I sincerely, enjoyed watching it, the costumes, the food, tha scenery are magnificent, and reflect the Chinese culture.