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Film Review: China Blue (2005)

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Film Review: China Blue (2005)

Although it turned out to be a little older than I thought, I strongly recommend this film because I think it is very relatable and brings up a number of issues--ethics, economics, government responsibility, labor practices, globalization, etc.

China Blue is an independent film that masterfully shows how the global economy impacts individuals. Filmed without the approval of Chinese authorities, it follows a young girl who migrates from a countryside village where she takes a job at a blue jean factory. It films not only the lives of the workers, but also the pressure on the factory owner, and his deals with a variety of international buyers. It is a deeply fascinating film that puts a human face to globalization.

For students, it is a great way to view the other side of the economy that they participate in. After seeing this, I decided I would like to to use it for my Geography class and pair it with a discussion of ethics, the guiding question: Are we participating in unethical behavior when we buy outsourced materials? To help students, it would be good to front load them with some statistical facts about globalization and US-China trade relations. Also, I would like to create a viewers guide, that has questions to help students pay attention to certain actions as the watch the film. The ultimate goal would be an informed discussion, not only about the film, but their choices in the economy and its ethical implications, if any.

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