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Film Review - American Born Chinese

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Manuel Buenaventura
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Film Review - American Born Chinese

See attached for review of Disney Plus series, American Born Chinese. 

Kimberly Szeto
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RE: Film Review - American Born Chinese

Your review of American Born Chinese is spot-on! Here are several additional ways you could incorporate this series into your classroom for engaging and educational activities:

Exploring Identity and Cultural Heritage
  • Activity: Identity and Representation Workshop

  • Description: Students create identity maps to explore their own cultural backgrounds and compare them with Jin Wang’s experiences in the series.

Analyzing Themes of Assimilation and Cultural Conflict
  • Activity: Thematic Analysis Essay

  • Description: Students write an essay analyzing the themes of assimilation, cultural conflict, and self-acceptance in American Born Chinese.

Debating Cultural Representation in Media
  • Activity: Debate on Cultural Representation

  • Description: Students participate in a debate on the effectiveness of American Born Chinese in representing Chinese culture and identity.

Comparing Mythology and Modern Storytelling
  • Activity: Mythology Comparison Project

  • Description: Students research the Monkey King legend from Journey to the West and compare it with the series' portrayal of the Monkey King.

Creating Digital Storytelling Projects
  • Activity: Digital Storytelling

Description: Students create a digital story or comic strip that explores their own cultural stories or reimagines the Monkey King’s adventures.