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FILM REVIEW——A Bite of China Season 1

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FILM REVIEW——A Bite of China Season 1

A Bite of China Season 1


A Bite of China is a high-quality documentary series of Chinese food, eating, and cooking. As we all know, China is famous for its delicious food, and this documentary tells us the story behind these foods. The documentary consists of 7 episodes, with each focusing on one topic. And within one topic, typical and special food from all over China that satisfy this topic will be filmed. In discovering where the food and how the local people are making it, the film shows us the food making and the local culture that thrives for hundreds of years, thus leading so such unique food.

In the classroom, we can use the food as an entry point; it will leave a good impression of the culture of different regions in China. Or when we discuss a specific city of China, we can bring up the food of this city from this documentary, thus increasing the angle of understanding the city. Moreover, when discussing a region's culture in China, we can also bring up the food in this region and learn how the culture impacts life from the food perspective.