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A Chinese movie directed by: Jingle Ma
Staring: Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Hu Jun
Co-starring: Joyce Chan, Nicky Li Xu Jiao
This film is about Chinese history.
In the year 450 AD the Rouran ruthless tribes under de command of Mendu, the son of the Danyu of the central plains of China, constantly attacked the Wei nation and destroyed their farmlands. With such a major security threat, the Chinese army conducted a nationwide draft. A retired soldier named Hua Hu despite his old age and illness, enlisted again to serve his country. He had a daughter named Mulan, (Zhao Wei) who was very intelligent and skilled in martial arts. Right before Mr. Hu would part to join the army Mulan got her father drunk. She did not want her father to go to fight. It occurred to her that she could take his place in the army. However, as a woman Mulan could not serve her country because the Chinese army did not enlist any women. The army had rules and those rules prevented women to serve as soldiers. If a woman would enter the military, she would face death. To deceive the military authorities, Mulan decided to dress like a boy to enter the army, in her father’s place. One night, Mulan goes to take a bath and a soldier sees her. He realized that Mulan was not a man; but he kept quiet. Later, they both become good friends and soon after it, both fell in love. In battles, Mulan was very strategically talented and often defeated the enemy or forced them to retreat. Under her leadership, she kept the Rourans at bay. She earned the respect of all men under her command. Her platoon admired her for great strategies and because she fought and defended them fiercely. Sadly, at the end Mulan and Wei, have to sacrifice their love, so their people can live in peace.