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Alejandra Jimenez
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Korean Movie


I chose to watch a Korean movie without expecting the content to be so dark. The movie's name is Eungyo. I have watched Korean T.V shows before, but never a movie. I did not the time to read the description about the movies since I considered Korean culture very conservative. I would not be able to show this movie to my students due to the plot of the story and the graphic content in this film. The movie I'd based in the country town where a well known national poet lives in seclusion. He continues to publish his work using a pseudo name with the help of one of his students. Due to the age difference and the type genre, the poet writes. It is not proper for someone his age writes such literature for for commercial literature. One day a high school girl is sleeping waiting in the front porch. From that moment the older poet takes interest in this young woman due to her beauty and energy she brings to me. 

The young woman was hired by the younger writer to do chores around the house. Time passes and the older man "grandpa" introduces and becomes more socially involved with the young woman. This part was confusing to follow because younger people call older people as "grandpa or grandma" they seem to follow the traditional relationship of respect. During this time the poet fantasizes with the young girl and starts writing a novel about her based on two lovers. He envisions himself with this young woman. As time passes they grow closer without doing anything inappropriate. In the mean time the young writer that does have any writing talent notices the attitude change about life on the older man. Soon he realizes that this change is due to the young woman.

The young writer discovers a hand written manuscript. He reads it without the older man's knowledge. Then one editor visits the older poet and delivers the good news that the Korean writing Commettee wants to name a museum after him and also tells him about the younger writing just released novel. Finally, the poet discovers that the young writer has stolen his story.

After this part of the movie, the story takes a darker tone, where the young woman ends up having sexual relations with the young writer. 

I was not expecting to have such a complicated story line in this movie. I would only recommend this film for adults.

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Rick Steil
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What was the quality of the movie making? I'm curious if the lighting, cinematography, editting and sound were the type of quality we would see in America. Do they show graphic seual scenes? What type of rating would you give this movie? R, PG,G or what. When was the movie made and what time period ws it set in? I have not yet chosen my movie and I'm curious how it compare to American made movies in terms of quality filmaking.