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Dust in the Wind

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Jennifer Place
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Dust in the Wind

"Dust in the Wind" is a film by Director Hou Hsiao-hsien created in 1986.  It stars Wang Chien-wen, Xin Stufen, and Li Tian-lu.  I chose this film to review because the two main characters are young adults, thinking that because of this, it might appeal to my high school students.  In some respects, this film reminded me of "Tokyo Story."  For example, it is relatively slow moving and quiet, yet momentous life events occur throughout.  In addition, trains and train tunnels frequently appear representing journeys, time and so on.  The movie takes place in two towns, Jio-fen, a declining mining town and Taipei, an industrial town to some degree.  The importance of family and especially the dependence on the younger generation to help keep the families afloat financially is a dominant theme in this movie.  The parents of the main characters are protrayed as living in poverty and barely getting by, especially when money is not sent back from the children on a regular basis.  A-yuan and A-yun, the young adults who go to Tai-pei looking for work are, like most young adults, quite certain that they will be successful and that life will be wonderful.  Life presents many obstacles for this couple, including romantic problems.  The camera views of close-ups at waist height provide many informative details of daily life.  I was captivated by how well the director conveyed the hardships of life without turning it into a melodrama.