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Disney's Mulan - Live Version

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Guadalupe Moreno
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Disney's Mulan - Live Version

For the film review, I chose to view Disney's live version of Mulan. Throughtout the movie there is focus on the silk road and how controlling it can determine who is in control the vast network of trade. Even though it is not the main focus of the movie, showing clips about it to the students can demonstrate the importance the silk road had in history and amoung the artworld. This can be an opportunity for students to learn about the different cultural arts that travled and influenced the artist of the areas it traveled too. The students learned that the silk road served as an outlet to connect cultures with goods, ideas, religions, and artistice influences. The routes fostered shared cultures. This can correalte to my current curriculum that focuses on cultural artwork of the world. Students can find the connections of other cultures in the artwork we are studying at the moment. Apart from all the connections that can be made, the students would enjoy watching the new version of mulan.