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Disney's Mulan

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Alison Douglas
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Disney's Mulan

The movie I choose was Disney’s Mulan.  I teach 7th grade World History and I find this movie to cover many different aspects of the Chinese culture.  We discuss in class The Great Wall and why it was built, and Mulan illustrates this well.  In my opinion it gives meaning to many of the great achievements of the Ancient Chinese culture.  We also discuss various achievements such as silk, fireworks, and also the significance of the Forbidden City.  I’ve always had the students study the importance of the Forbidden City and the rich culture behind it.  After taking this class, I found a new appreciation for the specific architectural features of the city.  For example, the distinct shape of the buildings and the invention of the wood bracket.  I never realized how complex this type of architecture is/was.  Also, all the architectural planning that went into the city to make it completely fortified as well as placement of everything even down to where the Emperor would sit is fascinating. We discussed that in class and how direction was/is extremely important to the Chinese culture.  The movie seems to bring to life authentic Chinese culture, and that is why I find it informative to the students.  There is also a connection to nature which is apparent in the movie.  They sit at beautiful gardens, which is another aspect of Asian culture in which I find fascinating.  I like to watch is at the end of the unit as a way to tie everything together.  The Forbidden City is a symbol of power and great achievement of the Chinese culture, and I hope one day to go and visit to see it for myself. Because this is a Disney movie it keeps the kids’ interest while watching, but hopefully after the learning about China, they have a new appreciation for Mulan.