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Death by China Documentary

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Death by China Documentary

"Death by China" Documentary (2012) is directed by Peter Navarro and can be streamed on Netflix. This documentary is very informative and systematic in its analysis of how China is usurping American economy by using its "weapons of job destruction." As a former Economics teacher, I saw so many applicable details that can be brought into the classroom as topics for discussion and/or research. The documentary was systematic in the way it listed and explained the numerous "weapons of job destruction" that China used to undermine American economy/society since its admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. I would recommend this documentary to everyone even if you're not teaching/learning about Economics. The documentary made real the impact that China has on the American economy and society and in a very powerful way urged all of us to do something about it before we're in too deep of the China-made trap.