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Cultural Appropriation in the Movies

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Cultural Appropriation in the Movies

Haichiko- A Dog’s Tale
Is the recounting of a Japanese Akita, who became a legend in Japan, he even has a statue erected near the Shibuya train station in Tokyo. Haichi’s owner Professor Eizaburo Ueno would go off to work and Haichi would take him to the station and pick him up daily. One daily the professor did not return, but Haichi returned everyday waiting for his master until his own death. The reason I choose this story because it’s a great story of a Japanese man and his dog.
But this story is retold with Richard Gere as the lead, and the only Japanese person in the whole movie was the professor’s friend and possible the dog, or at least the breed.

I feel this is a poor representation, of an actual person and the way of Hollywood to assume cultural appropriation when the story was beautiful just the way it was and it is unfortunate that it couldn’t be a story about a Japanese man and his dog.