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Crazy Rich Asians

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Alison Douglas
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Crazy Rich Asians

“Crazy Rich Asians” is one of my daughter’s favorite movies, and has made it a goal of hers to visit Singapore.  It is about a love story When Rachel Choo goes to Singapore to meet her boyfriend Nick’s family.  It is a lighthearted movie, but does reflect strong cultural values and traditions.  Rachel has no idea that Nick comes from an extremely wealthy family.  The movie illustrates the extremely extravagant lifestyle of the rich in Singapore.   This is something that Rahel is not aware of until she makes it to Singapore.  When she meets his family she realizes the extent of their wealth as well as their disapproval of her.  


She does not exactly receive a warm welcome from Nick’s family, especially from his mother and grandmother.  She is constantly challenged and struggles throughout the movie with different scenarios.  She portrays a strong character and eventually stands up to his mother. She knows the importance of family and is willing to give up Nick so that he is able to obey his family’s wishes.   The importance of Nick’s mother and grandmother are very apparent in the movie.   They had a different type of lifestyle in mind for him, but he has chosen a different route.  The family hopes that Nick will stay and help the family in Singapore, and marry a girl that they find suitable and up to their standards.  Rachel comes from a single family and they feel she isn’t good enough for Nick.  She is referred to as coming for the “mainland” and not up to their standards.  There are many different scenarios in which they make Rachel feel as if she is less than them.  


The family structure would be a great way to bring this movie into the classroom.  It would be a great way to compare the importance of gender roles as well as traditional family values.  Also, it would be fun to bring in other aspects of the culture such as authentic cuisine.