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Crazy Rich Asians

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Joel Jimenez
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Crazy Rich Asians

The film shows the increasing importance of women and the power that they have in the neo-familism role in contemporary Asia.  The film specifically showcases Rachel Chu, girlfriend of the handsome and super rich Nick Young, who has to go through the trials and tribulations of meeting her boyfriend’s family.  The plot becomes especially tumultuous when she comes face-to-face with Nick’s mother and grandmother, who’s expectations of a future daughter-in-law, become increasingly difficult and apparent with Rachel.

While this Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic comedy, this film can still be used in the classroom to show gender roles by the matriarch in an East Asian family.  In the film, the women being Nick’s grandmother and mother, hold the power in the family and make all the important decisions.  I would use this film to show cultural differences between Asian families and those in Western culture.  I would also have my Sociology students make comparisons with their own families and cultures, as my students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.