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Crazy Rich Asians

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Natali Ramon
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Crazy Rich Asians

The film I will be reviewing is Crazy Rich Asians.  One of the greatest merits of this film is that it does a great job of exhibiting how Asian family values clash with individualistic American values.  To that I feel that portions of the film can be used in the classroom to show how these differing cultural values come together.  Additionally, the wealth displayed in the film might also serve as a good starting point to begin dialogue on Asia’s growing economic power.  When it comes to showing the film in the classroom, I would personally not show the full-length film because there are some parts of the film that are not appropriate for students.  The movie is a romantic comedy and it does not have the same academic depth as a movie that is grounded on historical events.  As stated, the most optimal thing to do would be to show only selected scenes in the movie.