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Crash Landing on You

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Julie Wakefield
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Crash Landing on You

Although I recently watcher (with NCTA) Parasite and Mountains May Depart, I found it difficult to find anything I could directly use in my classroom.

However, in watching Crash Landing on You (I am on episode 4 as I type this) there is definitely a part at the beginning of episode 2 that I hope to use in class (if we are back face to face)!  The scenes I am looking at using could be used in the beginning of the year as one learns to understand a new culture or during the East Asia unit (both of these ideas in my World Regional Geography course for 9th10th graders) to include in the discussion the differences between North and South Korea. 

The scenes are at the beginning of the episode when the four soldier friends find out about Se-ri and when she talks to them. And then the next scene is when they are outside and introducing her to the food process, that kim-chi cellar etc. From both perspectives (there is some humor) but also an understanding that two countries who at one point shared a history are today so different. Se-ri from South Korea knew far less about life in North Korea than the North Koreans knew about South Korea (enter the South Korean K-dramas)! Again, while I found these two scenes quite humourous there are definitely some lessons to be learned here for the students to understand. I will have to reference this scene again a few times from other episodes (the neighborhood ladies invite Se-ri to a Kim-chi competition and she starts she doesn't like Kim-chi, the continued discussions about the K-drama and the reality of it in addition to Se-ri bribing the solder with a dinner with the lead actress). These are all ideas I can share with the students while trying to get the gain perspectives.  We talk regularly about stereotypes and generalizations as we learn about cultures around the world -beginning with the viewing of The Danger of a Single Story (Ted Talk from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie )