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China's New Silk Road

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Julie Wakefield
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China's New Silk Road

Amazon Prime - - China's New Silk Road

From 2019 - talks about the global supply chain of China's resources. Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Pakistan are all connected as China works to expand this international influence and foreign investment (infrastructure construction of ports and railways). 

The students will not have any problem understanding this. The vocabulary and commentary is not over their head (9th and 10th graders). It will definitely help them understand the globalized and interconnected world we live in, how China is pushing investment in 'new areas' for resources, and China's goal to be the economic powerhouse of the world. 

Since this is from 2019 - the assignment after viewing the video will find some new information about the locations talked about in the video or other aspects of the new Silk Road.


Here is another video I found on China's New Silk Road from DW Documentary in Dec 2020.