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China and The World - Film Review

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China and The World - Film Review

For the film analysis, I watched American Factory. It was an interesting documentary that humanized the factory worker experience while also shedding light on culture conflict that can occur in the public sphere. I would use this film in the classroom to highlight the cultural clash between different cultures, along with themes of globalization. To start, there would need to be some previewing vocabulary and theme discussion. For example, going over and discussing the differences between individualism and collectivism and then have students note these differences as they see them in the film. Next, the concept of globalization and outsourcing would be essential to understanding the deeper complexities of the film. As they watch, I would ask them to record the positives/negatives of globalization and outsourcing as examples of both these concepts appear on the screen. Additionally, the humanizing piece of the documentary exists within the stories of the numerous workers who are impacted by the factory transition. Overall, this film could be used in many social science classes depending on the focus. I personally would use it in my economics class.