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Chaos(Ran)and Dreams

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Chaos(Ran)and Dreams

Chaos(Ran)and Dreams, I like these two film from the famous director Kurosawa. Chao described the people who were living in Sengoku period of Japan(from 1467 to 1615) were living under miserable life because of the consistent wars.


The introduction: The story of "Chaos" is derived from the drama of Shakespeare's "King Lear" and the story of the Japanese military commander Motoori Mori during the Warring States Period. The film’s discussion and expression of human life is accomplished through grand and cohesive scenes. Kurosawa uses many large scenes and long shots to let the world’s disputes, the disintegration of people’s hearts, and the unknowability of personal fate, staring at the camera. In the "movement" where scenes and scenes alternate, the audience sees and feels the changes and vicissitudes of the world. History is a movie scene, big and small, change and disappearance are destined.

The introduce of Dreams: The film is composed of eight dreams, showing the director's reflection on modern society and condemnation of human folly,especially for the reflection of War II.