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Blue Kite

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Blue Kite

“The Blue Kite” was directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang.  The film started with a happy marriage between a couple, but the marriage was delayed because of Stalin’s death in Russia.  During this time, China was following the “Hundred Flower Campaign,” in which people were encouraged to express their views about the Communist party.  After the “Hundred Flower Campaign,” the Great Leap Forward became the policy in China, which led to many malnourishments and deaths because of inaccurate reports.  The film culminated with “The Great Cultural Revolution.”  Similarly, the movie followed the three big policies by having the female protagonist married to three different man for each policy.  In the beginning of the story, everyone was happy, but as the movie progresses, each subsequent marriages became less about the marriage and more about survival.  The last marriage ended with the mom going to labor camp, and the narrator, Tietou’s fate unknown.  This movie would provide insights about how Mao’s policies to reform China led to many hardships for the people and the lasting impact that the policies have had upon China.  In the movie, families and friends turned against each other.  “Blue Kite” is a perfect example of why the policies implemented by Mao to strengthen China ended up having the opposite effects.  This film will help put into perspective why the policies was a failure, but at the same time provide a timeline of the events in China following its unification under the Communist Party.