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I have a fellow history teacher at my school who is a movie critic and he gave me a short list of South Korean films, telling me that Korean films were "all the rage."
On the top of his list was...Bedevilled and Chaser (both found on youtube for free). Also on the list was The Yellow Sea, Man From Nowhere, I Saw the Devil, and Pieta (All I believe are on Netflix). I know that Pieta is an award winning film and I am planning to watch it soon. I just started watching the first 30 minutes of Chaser and it's a thriller like Bedevilled, but easier to watch in comparison with a little bit less violence. Feel free to use any of the recommendations above. I myself was pretty lost on where to start since I generally don't watch too many movies.
Bedevilled is definitely a thriller with violence and sexual/physical assault that is difficult to look past in order to find the real meanings behind the film. The obvious theme in the film is revenge. At first when watching, I felt like this was a weirdly distorted version of social hierarchy, but it is much more than that. The film makes you dislike the main character right from the beginning. The beginning also starts with a parable of sorts, about eating the clovers on a walk although bitter--and continues with the people on the walk missing dinner, but also missing the opportunity to eat the grass during the walk. I had a hard time tying that quote into the film the way maybe it should have been intended. What I did gather though, is that the main character missed many opportunities to bring justice to many unjust situations and she continues to pass up those opportunities throughout the film. I don't want to give any spoilers in case others would like to watch and review. I am curious what everyone else has to say about the if you watch feel free to chime in.
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