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Bao Short Film

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Sonja Mason-Briscoe
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Bao Short Film This short film is really a cute way without words to express how family can overcome their differences by connecting through food. I want to show this film and give my students another reason to want to cook traditional foods. I would encourage them to get in the kitchen and cook along with a family member so they can learn special recipes and cooking methods. My particular high school is made up of a lot of students that are foster, group home, or transient. In many cases, they have very little interaction with their family. So for those that do, I want them to embrace family heritage and find a commonality like cooking to create good memories. As a teacher, I recognize just how important our student's social emotional and mental health are. Simple but impressionable moments like cooking with family or sharing favorite foods with family help to feed the soul. I grew up with the belief that a family that prays together stays together and a family that eats together meets together. Therefore, many family challenges can be worked through by sitting down over a bite to eat and meeting to talk through some issues. I learned in my International business course years ago that most Asian business persons won't do business with someone they don't share a meal with first. I believe that culturally that may not still be the case now but I still share that teachings with my students as a paradox to how food helps make a serious conversation less uncomfortable. In conclusion, I will use this short film to let students witness first hand how food can tie and bring families together, from eating a favorite cookie to making dumplings together. This includes the joining of old and new family members.