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BANK ATTACK by Luis Camacho

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Luis Camacho
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BANK ATTACK by Luis Camacho

Bank Attack

Director, Park Sang-Joon.

This film is a Korean Comedy-drama, made on 2007, presents a simple plot based in the desperation of a man, father of a nine years old beautiful girl with a mortal disease.

Living in poverty at the roof of a building in a big city of South Korea Bae gi-ro had raised and taken care of his little daughter who is seriously sick and in need of a surgery. In the middle of his desperation, Bae asks for a loan from a mob member to pay for her daughter’s surgery. In a visit to the zoo, Bae is robbed and the thief took all the money for the surgery. At the same time her daughter gets on crisis and fainted.

Bae gi-ro decides to rob a bank himself. In the middle of the robbery, a gang that has the same plan as him, to rob the bank, interrupts Bae gi-ro intent of robbery. In the middle of a funny confusion, one member of the gang is hurt and all the personnel of the bank ended up as hostages of the gang.

Detective Ku, who is considered a celebrity in the media but, it is a corrupted policeman who walks inside the bank and tries to negotiate with Bae gi-ro and the head of the other criminal band.

After several scenes of drama with the sick girl and comedy on the side of the thieves, the story ended with the surgery done but the death of her father by the police.

It is a regular movie to show in the classroom, it presents to us a nice story of moral values in some low-income areas in a big city of South Korea.