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"Bank Attack" Korean movie

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Cristina Hernandez
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"Bank Attack" Korean movie

Bank Attack Movie Review


The Korean movie “Bank Attack” by director Park Sang-Joon is a comedy-drama in the style of a comedy of errors.   The main characters are; a poor father who has a child in need of a life-saving surgery and a corrupt police chief who is being followed by internal affairs officers and thus in need of hiding evidence against him. Their stories are intertwined and there are a great number of minor characters that make this movie a comedy of errors.  First, we are introduced to Bae Giro, the father of a little girl Yeeo-hoo who is diagnosed with a brain illness that needs surgery as soon as possible.  However, the father economic status is of a poor person who is forced to take loans from a loan-shark.  He gets robbed while making her daughter’s wish of seeing penguins in the zoo a reality.  Therefore he is not able to pay for her surgery and the hospital rejects his pleads.  Meantime, the corrupt police chief Ku is involved in illegal activities including illegal bank loans and internal affairs is closing on him.  Eventually, both characters’ destinies collide at a bank robbery gone wrong.  Bae Giro is forced to rob a bank in order to pay for his daughter’s surgery, three criminals decide to rob the same bank and to thicken the plot the bank is the one that holds the evidence against police chief Ku.  There is a great deal of funny scenes, as well as plenty of dramatic ones, but in the end the actions of each character decide their destiny.  There are a few bloody scenes, but overall this could be a good movie to show in the classroom if the topic has to do with questioning moral values.  Probably a lesson in argumentation and the use of ethos, logos, and pathos or fallacies will justify the use of this movie.  However, it is not a movie for younger students due to the fact that the end is not a happy one and the bloody scenes could be troublesome for elementary and middle schoolers.