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#Alive (2020 South Korean movie)

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Katherine Caneba
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#Alive (2020 South Korean movie)

The 2020 South Korean zombie movie #Alive adds a fresh perspective to the genre by examining the psychological toll of surviving in isolation. The protagonists ring in the Zombie Apocalypse in their apartment units as inadvertent bystanders to the horror. They gaze out their balcony windows at the undead horde down below, ration their food, contemplate suicide (even preparing nooses), and reach out to each other via the Internet and phone calls, drones, and eventually by physically venturing outside.

Audiences in 2020 empathized with the situation of “survival by staying home”, due to the similar directives in real life to stay at home to curb the spread of Coronavirus. This movie is also a wake-up call to anyone who still has inadequate supplies or tools to weather a natural disaster or societal emergency. Furthermore, the movie examines the human need for connection, and what makes surviving meaningful in hopeless times.