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76 Days

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Betsy Telle
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76 Days

I watched this documentary for a seminar hosted by USC US-China Institute. I cannot express how much I enjoyed watching this movie. Enjoyed is probably not the correct word as this movie is very solemn. The movie follows various patients and healthcare workers as they experience the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan hospitals. I want every one of my family members who are not taking the pandemic seriously to watch this. The movie shows how difficult and lonely the disease is. I was crying while watching most of the movie.


I feel that the movie might be a little too heavy for my students to watch in its entirety. But as a Science teacher I have taught about how to be safe and healthy periodically over the past year. I think that almost any scene from the movie could supplement these lessons. There is not anything inappropriate in the movie that students should not be able to see. The themes are just heavy and dark for students that are living through this collective trauma, that I would recommend smaller doses of the movie.