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万万没想到 (my current favorite Monkey King movie)

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Diana Corey
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万万没想到 (my current favorite Monkey King movie)

I cannot seem to find an official English title for the movie 万万没想到. It is one of the hundreds of Monkey King movies out there, released in 2015. It is currently my favorite version, packed with laugh out loud moments. The movie portrays stories from Journey to the West, hamming up the characters and keeping viewers laughing. In the past, I have saved this movie for times when one of my classes needs some comic relief or as a reward when they have worked hard and finished a unit or project ahead of schedule, though I have often thought of where in my curriculum I might include a more in depth exploration of the Monkey King. This movie would be excellent for any teacher studying this work, though I believe the English subtitles on the version I have shown include a swear word at some point. 


The dialog in this film is spoken at a fast pace, so it can be difficult for students to keep up or catch as many words and phrases as they would like. I would like to find some time to script out a few segments or lines for students to study to help my students feel more successful as they watch and listen.